Love is when you look into someone’s eyes and see all you need in it. True love is not what the mind thinks but what the heart feels. Tope & Jolomi got their swag. Their appearance into the hall kept everyone starring at them, their smile, their joy and their contentment with the moment at hand.

The first day started with the engagement ceremony of the couple, with their theme colour burgundi and gold.

_DSC8432 2

The event took its toil as the couples from their various culture showcased their regalia in colours

_DSC8332 2

Here he was passing his test with humility.

_DSC8422 2

She walked majestically.

_DSC8480 2

Looking radiant and golden is what makes us black and gold.

_DSC8485 2

Happy bride, lovely.


That moment when selfie is worth a take.

_DSC8697 2

Digging to below, dancing worthwhile.

_DSC8837 2

The moment remained even after there was vote of thanks, the couple and their friends rocked the dance floor with floor.

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