This moment we say “The good thing in life are better spent with each other because to be brave is to love unconditionally. This is their story spoken in so many words in the way they both danced and relate with each other at their reception.

_DSC7945 2

The event started at 2:00 pm with guests already seated before the parents of the couple danced. The introduction of the high table guests followed. And the band, “Big Bolaji” entertained the guests.

The couple arrived much later to the venue with their train all looking beautiful and dapping in appearance.


They all danced in looking radiant. The moment everyone was waiting for, they stood as the couple danced in. Taking their time with every step, cameras clicking, all flashes, smiles from one corner to another. They were ushered in by The planner, Mosun (IPCEVENTS),

The party started and the bridal train and couple’s friend didn’t spare them. They simply danced

_DSC7912 2 _DSC7918

This didn’t end here. There was so much fun ahead.

_DSC7931 2

The most important thing was, they rocked their day. The couple and their friends had their fun till night. Time really has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters. And its making moments becomes memories.

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