When we first had our first meeting, we were never prepared of how the outcome of the meeting will turn out to be. But to our surprise, it turned out amazing and Adeoye & Folake were very funny and amazing to work with.

Their traditional was a rock. The both of them hit the dance floor (good dancers they are). Here are some pictures… Also check instagram @classique_event

Their Wedding reception started with the guest majestically walking in and taking their seats and the band giving a welcome note for the guests to feel comfortable.

It didn’t take long before the came in in grand style and all the guests stood in ovation, as camera men, video camera men, and individual phones could not take all of the precious moments at once.

_DSC0050 2

The chemistry between them is unbeatable…

_DSC0057 2

We would say to this kiss, its not a quick kiss, is one that says love is forever regardless of the storms ahead.

_DSC9688 2

The Groom who rocked the dance floor…

_DSC9734 2

She made him proud…

This is what we call, ‘We will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.’

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