We present to others and introduced to some out Classique latest Couple, Mr. & Mrs Dotun Ayansina. Their event started right on time @ 1 pm. All guest were seated and waiting for the couple, the main reason they are present.

It sure didn’t take the guest waiting for so long as the couple made their way into the hall after their friends had paved way for them. They didn’t compete with the dance but freestyles are worth going for anytime.

The MC took over the event and made it look like they had started for long.

Before we could blink twice, the reception ended with vote of thanks at 4 pm and the dance continued. The couple never mind the crowd, they danced along with the guest surrounding and spraying them. It was a moment they both agreed they will cherish in happiness and it happened at Classique Events Place.

_DSC7517 2

Their love is as tight as their happiness.

_DSC7528 2

Our Classique Bride looking so elegant and calm

_DSC7558 2

They were both gave freestyles with so much enjoyment.

_DSC7573 2

We love happy ever after.

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