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They nailed the moments with so much laughter and joy, memories so unbeatable. Getting ready to dig The Groom and his men The Bride and her maids Bride So GORGEOUS Pretty looking in our changing room

DAPO and DARA 20159 DAPO and DARA 20158 DAPO and DARA 20157 DAPO and DARA 20156 DAPO and DARA 20155 DAPO and DARA 20154 DAPO and DARA 20153 DAPO and DARA 20152 DAPO and DARA 20151

And He held unto her hand not to let go… Together forever That moment when the groom’s friend is asking for Classique customer number… What a wonderful feeling, bringing two love birds together The bride…

Love so mild and sweet, memories so great with #class #taste #style #daradapo2015

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