You have no idea how fast your heart races until you meet someone you cannot do without. Bisi & Wunmi can testify to the wondrous feeling. A feeling where it is only them that matters and nothing else.

The Nikkai started with the Imams seated and ready for the ceremonial vows and the parents and couple were present all attentive and relaxed.

After an hour the reception took place with the couple’s parents dancing in as guests accompanied them in as they danced in with so much joy. The band Tosin Martins, took everyone unawares.

The couple also made their way into the reception with the guest not waiting to have enough of them. Flashes of phone cameras here and there as thy danced their hearts out.

_DSC9495 2

Life is beautiful with memories made in Classique Events Place.

_DSC9499 2

The best thing about memories is making them.

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No matter what happens, memories cannot be replaced.

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Memories are special moments that tell our stories.

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