We offer a first security system to support our clients on their events to ensure a hitch free event. Arrangements are made to protect the VIPs, their invites as well as ensuring that the assets of our clients and their guests are safe and secured. Smooth traffic management are coordinated while ensuring that intruders and non-invited guests are not allowed entrance to the premises.

While our offerings and services are not exhaustive to make your events memorable, we really look forward to hearing from you and enjoying your patronage. Click Here to View Our Security

Changing Room

Our clients are accommodated in a cozy room where they are comfortable and privately disposed to change their wears during and after the events. Click Here to View Our Changing Room


We have made adequate provisions for all our guests to be comfortable with both male and female conveniences thoroughly equipped with modern toiletry facilities. These are tiled in their preferred colors, blue and white for males and pink for ladies Click Here to View Our Conveniences

Power Supply

We guarantee an uninterrupted power supply for our clients and their guests having our own 200KVA transformer which aids three phase power supply from the PHCN. A dedicated 400KVA generator that can accommodate all our equipment, lighting and multimedia facilities conveniently. Two 12KVA fail over inverters and a bank of batteries to ensure seamless cut over from either power source

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Events Coordination

Our goal at Classique Events Place is to make your event stress free.  Let us handle all the details of your events so you can enjoy your day.   We will help you find a caterer who meets your menu criteria and budget, organize arrival times, final numbers and other details, while making sure the food service runs smoothly at your event.



Our in-house designer can make your vision for your event come true.  Whether you want a simple event or glamorous gala, we can create a package with your budget and style in mind. Walk into your event and be amazed!

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