About Us

It gives us great pleasure to introduce, Classique Events Place. A one and a half acre piece of property, uniquely brick built with the state of the art facility within a well-kept vicinity. It is spacious, fully air-conditioned and highly insulated with capacity to host up to 1000 guests in banquet settings and 2000 guests in theater settings. This makes it convenient for us to host both corporate and retail events in a serene environment. We can conveniently host weddings, corporate functions, parties, banquets, church services and more! It further has the capacity to accommodate over 300 cars parked within the premises without obstructing free flow of traffic along the high way.

We are located at 7A Kudirat Abiola Way, Oregun Ikeja Lagos at the heart of Ikeja, the capital of Lagos and the commercial nerve centre of Nigeria. We are easily accessible situated right along the dual express lane along Oregun, on the right side while driving towards Ikeja.

Why settle for average when the exceptional is within reach? When you book your next event with us, we guarantee an extraordinary experience full of endless possibilities, offering your guests the hospitality they deserve in class, taste and style. ‚Äč

Whether you are planning a wedding, seminar, banquet, church program or trade show, Classique Events Place can be transformed to meet your needs. With theatrical lighting, full audio/video multimedia systems, three projectors & screens with six 60-inch plasma screens, the possibilities are endless!

Our modern, state of the art facilities are set and ready to turn your special day into an unforgettable experience!